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 Average fly time for a 11 to 12 inch balloon is 8 to 10 hours. Need longer, use:
Hi-Float® additve, larger latex balloons or solid color mylar balloons.
Image of an over inflated balloon. Balloons that are over inflated will not last as long as a correctly inflated balloon and will pop much easier and use a lot of extra helium.
We have found that Metallic and Pearlized balloons due to the process of coating/painting them may need to be blown up a little smaller then the size shown by the manufacturer on the bag. See image above as over inflated.

Latex Balloon Air Inflators

Latex Balloons Index:
All Latex 11in. & Up are Helium Fill /High Quality Balloons!

NOTE: Colors do not look the same between different computer monitors, so what we see and what you see will probably not be the same. We use the image from the manufacturer for our site. Please check description for more details or email for more info. Colors will vary from images on web site.

NOTE: Colors will not match between brands.

NOTE: Latex Balloon Colors are NOT the same uniflated and inflated. They are usually a darker color before they are blown-up.

NOTE: Latex Balloons size listed is the size when balloon is inflated correctly, measuring from top to bottom of the balloon.

NOTE: Lighter color Latex Balloons usually will last longer outside in the heat and sun than darker colors.  Less heat/light absorbed, more reflected.

NOTE: Bags of Assorted Colors means that, Assorted Colors are in the bag. There is no guarantee of the number of each color or even that all listed colors are in the bag. Bags come assorted from the factory. If you need a certain number of certain color(s) buy bags of the colors you need. No returns on bags because the number of a certain color was not in the bag.

NOTE: Big and Bulky Orders and Orders that exceed normal ordering will have the additional shipping cost billed and paid prior to accepting the order.

NOTE: Latex Balloons are NO LONGER Returnable, due to abuse of our old return policy.

Click on images of balloons below to see selection and buy online.

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5in. Latex Balloons

5in. Qualatex Latex

11in. Qualatex Latex

11in. BSA Latex
 100 ct Bags

Small Bags of 12in.
Latex Balloons

12in. Quality Latex
144 ct Bags - Standard

12in. Metallic / Pearlized Latex Balloons
72 & 144 ct Bags - Standard

12in. CTI Brand Latex
100 ct Bags

Kaleidoscope Brand
Latex Balloons

12in Bags of 100

12in. Budget Latex
72 & 144 ct Bags
Party Brand

Limited Stock

Custom Printed
Quality Latex Balloons

Fast Float™
Latex Balloons

Printed 11in. Latex

Printed Happy Birthday

16in. Qualatex Latex

17in. Round Latex

New Party Style 17 inch

24in. Qualatex Latex

36in. Round Latex

30in. Round Latex

4ft. Cloudbusters

5.5ft. Cloudbusters

8ft. Cloudbusters

160Q Latex

260Q Latex

350Q Latex

646Q Latex

321Q Bee Body

321Q No Tip

Deco Bubble Balloons


Solid Color Orbz Balloons

6in. Link-O-Loons

12in. Link-O-Loons

Geo Blossoms
Latex Balloons

Geo Donuts
Latex Balloons

30 Inch
Latex Balloons
Product Image
36 Inch
Latex Heart Shape Balloons
Clear Balloons With Large Neck

Climb Inside Balloons
Balloon Stuffing
5 Inch
Latex Balloons
50 Count Bags

Printed 36 Inch
Latex Balloons
Latex Balloon
Fly Times
and Helium Usage Chart

LATEX BALLOON WARNING! Choking Hazard. Children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on uninflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision required. Keep uninflated balloons from children. Discard broken balloons at once.

LATEX BALLOONS -  Average fly time is 8 - 14 hours for 11 to 12 inch size, depending on the brand. Hi-Float® can extend the fly time. Heat can reduce the fly time. Blow-up as close to the event as possible for the freshest looking balloons.

Celebrity Brand Balloons, BSA Balloons, Qualatex Balloons CTI Balloons


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If your shipping address is wrong and the package is returned, undeliverable, refused or is returned to us, we will not credit back the shipping charge of the purchase.
Overnight Shipping/ Express Mail: We do not offer overnight shipping.
In Stock: Not all balloons are guaranteed to be in Stock at time of ordering.
Guarantee: If balloons are defective when received please contact us to return balloon(s) to us in order for us to submit defective balloon(s) to their manufacturer. If accepted (determined to be defective) you will have your balloon(s) replaced for free, or your money refunded. Shipping costs are not refunded. Remember you will have some popped balloons unless you are using the correct, and appropriate equipment. Our guarantee only covers balloons when using the correct, and appropriate equipment, and from 30 days of the original purchase. Using the wrong equipment to inflate a mylar balloon is considered misuse of the balloon and is not covered by any warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied.
Mylar Balloon Inflation - Make sure you are using the correct, appropriate equipment. UNDERSTAND we are Not responsible for balloons damaged, and/or popped when incorrectly inflated.

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